Monday, May 4, 2015

Patreon is live! You have a spare dollar?

If you want to help support the news and commentary that I've been providing for the last 7 months, three times a week, there is now a way to do so!

Patreon is a donation-subscription service that allows you to donate to any creators you like, and donate as much as you want, for as often as you want. This account is set up on a monthly subscription.

So, I'm asking you for help. Travelling the state for videos and news is costly (I need a car), and I could use additional and upgraded camera equipment.

Not only that, but I could really use some additional cash flow. My current job is rote customer service. I work for great people, but the work itself is mentally draining. If I can earn enough from you, someday I may be able to do this full-time. (Certainly we could use some serious Right-leaning news outlets in MD. Basically we've only got Monoblogue right now)

If you don't have a dollar (and you can donate just a dollar a month) you can help support this project by sharing this post on Twitter and Facebook and other social media. Plus the bejeezus out of it (and the blog generally)

Thanks for your support. The Patreon account can be found here:

There will be video later this afternoon, but I discovered a new way to clean up the audio, and I want to see how effective this is.

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