Monday, June 15, 2015

I Spoke Too Soon: Brian Griffiths And Friends Attack The Young Republicans

Clearly, I was in error when I characterized the MDYR Convention as Griffiths' last bit of pettiness. Really, I should have known better. Welp.

The new MDYRs have issued a general apology concerning the recent past, and promising to be different. I can vouch for the many of the statements myself. I have heard from several Republican groups and activists that the YRs were an obstacle to overcome, not a resource.

Well, one of Griffiths' newer columnist over at the new, ad-heavy version of Red Maryland, was outraged over the horrible things said about his editor. So he had an interesting statement, and I'd like to break it down:

When I read Kory’s statement, Ronald Reagan’s famous “Eleventh Commandment” came to mind: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow republican”.
This is rich, because Griffiths himself attacked Boone and the new YR leadership repeatedly over the last week, and has previously attacked both the national YRs and his own organization, purely out of reflex.

While some individuals on the new MDYR leadership team were running around the State looking for a title to win, Brian stuck to his commitment to not seek a third term as MDYR Chair

Every single contested vote was 4-3, Kory's slate vs. Griffiths and the 2 officers who showed up. This was after Griffiths gamed and concealed the requirements to qualify for voting. There was absolutely no question what would've happened had Griffiths attempted to achieve a third term.

fighting for conservatism on the front lines; a spot on example of this is when I attended a Maryland Republican Party Officers Candidate Forum in Anne Arundel County in of the new members of the MDYR leadership team was, at the time, running for a MDGOP office that year and spoke at the forum, and Brian Griffiths was behind the scenes to make sure that the Red Maryland Network equipment worked and to ensure that all those who were unable to attend could hear the content of the forum.
I would hope he would make sure his own equipment was working. I know I do, even when I'm filming candidates I dislike. But it's not "promoting Conservatism" to be the media.

[At the MDGOP Convention] During the night I saw several people from the MDGOP eating, drinking, and having fun, including Kory Boone.

But Brian Griffiths didn’t do much socializing. I saw him in the lobby of the Turf Valley, interviewing people, discussing the Convention, and discussing conservatism.

I know when I am feeling unwelcome, the lobby is a great place to hang out at conventions. The simple truth is, he would likely have been unwelcome at the hospitality suites. 

As part of the campaign in defense of Griffiths, a lot is being made by his people (and himself) about how Boone and the other leaders didn't get involved in the MDYRs, while Boone was involved in the DCYRs. They're also making excuses that people weren't willing to take on leaderships, subordinate to Griffiths, of course, within the organization, and that existing leaders quit or disappeared. One way to look at these complaints is that they spring from a common source: No one was willing to deal with Griffiths, because they knew they'd be undercut and sabotaged at every turn.

I am still convinced that Griffiths actions in that respect were and are intentional. Before, he wanted to protect his chairmanship, and now, seeks vindication for his pathetic tenure by preventing the new leadership from succeeding.


And more importantly, Kory, let’s stop going after Brian Griffiths; You and I both know that Brian has done more for conservatism in Maryland than either of us.
The only thing Griffiths has done for Maryland Conservatism is harm. From factually inaccurate attacks on Republican leaders opposing their clients to suggesting news coverage based on ads payments and taking money from candidates and reporting on them without disclosing it, to trashing the MDYR's and turning into a platform for promoting one man, not a party. Griffiths and his people have done nothing but damage to the Republican Party and the Conservative movement.

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