Monday, June 8, 2015

Kory Boone as YR Chair, Brian Griffith's Final Pettiness

So I attended the Maryland Young Republican "Convention" this Saturday. I was disappointed, but not surprised. The location of the convention was an office at the MDGOP headquarters in Annapolis.
Now, the HQ itself is pretty small, and this was not a large office. When I say "office" I don't mean an office building, I mean a small, disused office used for storage. There wasn't enough space in this tiny room for everyone who attended.

But that failing wasn't the only one. At one point, Brian Griffiths, then-Chair, had only the vote-eligible members stand up, as a petty measure to show how few people 'played by the rules' to register. Except Griffiths himself made the registration difficult, changing the registration rules, announcing and then cancelling at-the-door registration, and putting the club registration cut-off for voting in early March, in addition to concealing some of the other voting requirements. In short, he cheated. And for no reason.

Of course, being Lil Guy, that wasn't the end of his foolishness. He then wrapped up the convention with a farewell speech. Mostly self-aggrandizement and self-promotion, and, in his arrogance, sent out the text of the speech to his mailing list.

Which makes rebutting his grandstanding that much easier:

From a time beginning during my term as VP through my first term as State Chairman, 23 of Maryland's 24 counties were serviced by YR clubs. Few state organizations reach that kind of saturation, and it had never before been done here in the state of Maryland.

And then immediately collapsed to nothing. Apparently, recruitment was easy and retention was impossible. Perhaps it was Griffith's charming personality that drove everyone off?

I was happy to play a part in cleaning up their mess

This was his blame-shifting regarding his role as national committeeman. The current national YRs are still in a mess, and Griffiths is still looking to duck responsibility for it.

It also gave me an opportunity to repair Maryland's reputation at the YR National level, a reputation that had been badly damaged due to a working relationship that had gone sour between the national organization and my predecessor.

Only to replace a bad working relationship with one bad MDYR Chair with an even worse one.

I was able to rebuild trust among YRs across the nation.

Straight nonsense. He's a joke on the state and federal levels.

Twice the YRs of this state unanimously elected me to serve as Chairman

By "unanimously" he means "Him and his three friends," having run everyone else off.

We have reformed the way our organization does business. We no longer need to rely on County chairs and county organizations to conduct the business of organizing YRs. Thanks to our 2014 bylaw reforms, we able to do this directly from the State level.

This was a good reform, because he had run everyone else off and there was no one else available to run the local clubs.

We were fiscally responsible. No administration has spent less, and has spent less on frivolous things, than this one.

"Fiscally responsible" does not mean miserly, which is what Griffith was. He spent nothing because he did nothing. It's easy to save your money when you simply ignore your responsibilities and don't spend money you're obligated too.

During our term we were able to setup both the MDYR Facebook page and the MDYR Twitter account. This gave us the latest in social media sharing capability.

This isn't an accomplishment. This is basic internet outreach for this era. And, of course, he didn't use them for much of anything.

Working closely with our partners in the College Republicans

Bogus. I've spoken with the CR leadership, and they hate him too.

In 2012, the Maryland Young Republicans were one of the few groups that didn't give up on Maryland

Not that the MDYRs were worth anything at the time, since he kept everyone out and was not able to support any candidates.

That is not to say that everything is all roses going forward. The great disappointment of my tenure is the fact that so many of our local clubs faded away. Often times the clubs faded due to changes in leadership at the top when one top official moves on in their life. For example, the Chair of our Southern Maryland club moved to Florida, our Prince George's chair aged out, our Western Maryland chair became incommunicado, and our Anne Arundel and Mid-Shore chairs went to work for campaigns. In their stead, they did not have any strong or interested leaders ready to take their place, and nobody stepped up to fill the mantle of leadership despite the efforts of myself and others to find appropriate leaders.

And I wonder why there was no one available for these groups - the College Republicans have had no problems with leadership, and neither have the general-purpose clubs.

However, I am concerned about the lack of experience within our organization. Many of you are attending your first Maryland YR Event today. That is unfortunate, because we would be better positioned today had you chosen to get involved in the past.

This was a direct attack on both the new leadership and the out-sized attendance. It was delivered with audible spite, and antagonized the audience.

And I will still be Editor-in-Chief of Red Maryland where we will continue our prolific and wildly successful track record as Maryland's most respected conservative voice.

This resulted in genuine, honest-to-God, laughter from multiple people. He called himself respected, in his farewell speech, and was laughed at.

Which is how serious people who know him, take Brian "Lil Guy" Griffiths.


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