Monday, July 6, 2015

Sabotage of MDYRs Continues: Whiny Failure Strikes Back Edition

Former MDYR Chair Brain Griffiths has published a piece, written by himself this time, attacking the current Chair of the MDYRs, Kory Boone, for moving to expel the remaining Griffiths' loyalists, namely himself, as he has an official position as former YR Chair, and his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Gingrich.
Griffiths suggested that the move was being possibly pushed by an MDGOP insider, but his only source within the MDYRs is Gingrich. I would suggest that the "insider" in question could be almost anyone in the party, and could just as easily be the entire party. Griffiths is almost universally despised, and widely seen, accurately, as a self-dealing, self-promoting troll without any interest in actually promoting anyone or anything else.

I maintain my earlier position; that Griffiths has been an obstacle. His agenda as YR Chair was to repress membership, close down clubs, and ensure his chairmanship for as long as he desired by running off anyone and everyone who was not a member of his personal clique. Boone's move to disrupt that plan has left seemingly left Griffiths in a rage. From childishly mocking and insulting the MDYRs on his webcast programs to launching attacks through proxies.

Griffiths also makes a big deal out of the resignation of Jason Rheinstein. Griffiths claims that Rheinstein is a person who could work with anyone, but he left out the Rheinstein lost his long-standing position as National Committeeman, that he had worked only under Griffiths' clique, and resigned immediately after complaining of something he watched Griffiths himself do without complaint. The resignation was, in my assessment, inevitable.

Griffiths also suggests that the removal of himself and Gingrich would result in a chilling of free speech within the club. While some members of the current MDYRs have had their own problems with speech, Griffiths complaint is ridiculously selfish. The complaint is not that Griffiths is speaking in an unwelcome way, but that Griffiths and his loyalists are working to damage to MDYRs to protect Griffiths' reputation by keeping the MDYRs unsuccessful and useless.

The current, recent success of the MDYRs under the new leadership humiliates Griffiths' previous leadership. Even now, just after the convention, there has been massive growth and expansion in the MDYRs. This proves that Griffiths' claims that the reason for no growth was no interest are nonsense, and that the reason was poor leadership.

And that's the problem. Griffiths' attack on his own organization is not about free speech or honest criticism - it's about keeping Griffiths from looking stupid.

Griffiths also mentions that the Convention bid is at stake as a result of Boone's actions - perhaps this is more evidence that Griffiths' friends in national leadership are retaliating?
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  1. Kory and I dated less than a month 5 months ago.. Brian and I dated for less than a month 5 years ago.. If you apply your logic to both instances, where does that leave things?

  2. It doesn't. You've been part of the Griffiths clique for years, and that's really what matters.

    If you like, I can remove the reference.

  3. I would say I'm not a part of any clique. My philosophy has been and will continue to be, to work for the betterment of the Maryland Young Republicans. Kory and I spoke months ago about my intention to stay involved under his leadership.

  4. And I would say being part of leadership that drove people off, killed recruitment and became a punchline in Maryland politics makes that statement simply unbelievable. The only people left in the YRs until June were people loyal to Griffiths.

    I can't see why anyone would be.

  5. My staying had nothing to do with Griffiths.. I stayed for many reasons: for the friends I made at the National level and so the YRs would continue to have a presence, albeit a small one.

  6. As small a presence as possible, seemed to be your committee's intentions.

  7. Jason, please try to see the big picture.. Ever since 2009, membership at the county level and participation at the state level declined. We swelled in ranks when Ehrlich was elected, but after his loss in '06, and presidential loss in '08, many young people in Maryland (And around the country for that matter) lost interest in participating with a Republican group. I believe it has less to do with the leadership of the organization, than the facts presented above. Now that Hogan is governor, we've had an upswing in interest. But what happens if he doesn't win re-election and our numbers decline again. Are you going to accuse Kory, or whomever may be State Chair at the time, of maliciously acting to sabotage the YRs for their own personal gain?

  8. There wasn't an upswing after Hogan was elected. There was an upswing after Boone was. Boone started building the organization even before he was elected.

    And besides, I've met Brian. I've spoken to hundreds of people about Brian. No one has supported him, it's either been "malicious sabotage" or "No comment".