Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SPECIAL: Sabotage Of The MDYRs: What Is "Bookkeeping?", Free Rider Edition

From my previous reporting on the MDYRs, you'd think that it couldn't get any worse. But the basic audit of the MDYRs was just completed.

And worse it gets.

1) The audit reveals that no real records were kept of spending or fundraising. Actual records have to be constructed from available bank documents and Paypal receipts, which only go back so far without special requests. The bank records limit the audit to only the last sixteen months.

2) The only event that the MDYRs held over the sixteen months was the mandatory Convention in 2014, generating at best two-hundred dollars in revenue and costing six-hundred dollars. Roughly a four-hundred dollar loss.

3) Also on the convention, there were three sponsors - Red Maryland, Red Maryland co-founder Greg Kline's law firm, and Red Maryland associate Emily Grace's photography business. There is no record of any payment or assistance provided by the organizations granted sponsorship.

From all appearances, it looks like Griffiths simply used the YR convention's sponsorship capacity to promote himself and his friends, not raise money. This fits with Griffiths other uses of the MDYRs as a vehicle for self-promotion almost exclusively.

4) The current MDYR Treasurer also revealed, outside the report, that Brian Griffiths failed to pay his dues in 2014, and was therefore not a member of the Young Republicans and unqualified to serve as Chair. Likewise, Jason Rheinstein, who accused the current leadership of misconduct, failed to pay dues from 2011 onwards, while serving as MDYR National Committeeman, making the official Legal Counsel of the MDYRs guilty of misconduct.

Note that Griffiths went out of his way to obscure the registration requirements and dues deadlines for members seeking to vote in the 2015 Convention while he himself was not qualified to vote (but did anyway). Remember that he, in a fit of pettiness, had the qualified voters stand up at the Convention, and included himself. Except he wasn't qualified to vote, which makes this move even more spiteful than I realized.

So to review, we have an organization led by people who:
Don't pay their own fees
Don't collect fees from their friends
Don't run any events
Don't keep any records
All of this demonstrates that Griffiths was not interested in building the MDYRs, but in using the MDYRs to build himself.

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