Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Red Maryland Lies Again

Once again, Brian Griffiths has been caught in a lie.

Griffiths has been known to, in his eagerness to signal his purity, promote dishonest claims about candidates before today. But while I am hardly the Kefalas's campaign's best friend, his recent screed demands a response.

In short, Griffiths' claimed that Kefalas supported Democrat candidate Heather Mizeur for governor, and not Larry Hogan.

Side note: I got to meet Mizeur during the campaign, and she seemed to be sincere and a decent human being. Wrong on the issues, but a good person. Part of Griffiths' schtick appears to be showing how "right-wing" he is by attacking everyone else from the right on every level, no matter how petty. By contrast, I can afford to be nice to people because I'm very clear on the issues involved.

Kefalas responded to my Twitter inquiry by making clear that his donation to Mizeur's longshot primary campaign was a reward for her stance on marriage. His stance on marriage is not a surprise, seeing as how he's gay and presumably wants to get married. Rewarding candidates on either side for specific positions is not a bad policy - it's how the NRA managed to become so effective on the national level.

But Griffiths also claimed that Kefalas did not support Governor Hogan's campaign. Which is bullshit. Just like their claims that no one on their editorial board was on Hogan's payroll when they endorsed him. So the only question now is: Who's getting paid this time?_________________________________________________________________
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