I'll try to keep this up-to-date.

List of Disclosures:

Del. David Vogt, currently running for MD-6, has paid for the use of some of my video footage. He has not paid for the actual filming, just the use of it. I've also donated money to his MD-6 Campaign

I ran a free video production service during the last (2014) general election cycle, Ed Edmundson of Montgomery County made use of it, and Bob Long almost made use of it. (But had an emergency before we could start shooting)

I was Secretary and later Vice-Chair of the Baltimore YRs now. I am not speaking as or on behalf of the YRs. I am no longer a registered Republican and am therefore no longer qualified to serve on the board. I will not be in a party that nominated Donald Trump.

I have previously volunteered on a campaign-specific basis for:

Charles Lollar's gubernatorial campaign
Tim Robinson's State Senate campaign
Yurpizy Morgan's Congressional Campaign

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