So, would you like to help support the work I'm doing in regards to the work I've been doing on the blog and the Youtube channel?

Well, you could spend $30 on a t-shirt that you'll never wear. It would just have my name on it and be of cheap material. And hey, I'd get $3 and the t-shirt maker would get $27. And then you'd have to pay $5 for shipping.

But hey, I'd get $3 and you'd be helping, right?

Welllll how about you just give me $5 instead? You save $30, I get $1.50 more, and I don't have to try to design a generic series of t-shirts to sell.

I am, after all, a writer, not a fashion designer.

There is a new service called Patreon that allows people to donate to content creators on a monthly basis. They take 5% (plus donation expenses - larger donations are cheaper with credit cards, smaller ones with Paypal) hence the missing 50 cents, but that's a lot cheaper than selling a $30 t-shirt to get $3. It also allows recurring subscriptions, so you can set up an automatic $10 payment and let it go every month I produce stuff you like. (Or just once if you want. I understand. ;) )

And I could use your support. Getting to events, meeting people and upgrading equipment all cost money, and I have little of it. I'd like to be able to get new cameras that have space to mount audio equipment, directional mics, and other equipment as well. I'd also like to be able to get places to conduct interviews with people on-site, instead of just over the phone.

You may have noticed that I'm generally not saying things that are found everywhere else. I made a deliberate decision to operate at a higher level than most other blogs, taking my editorial-policy cues from sites like Monoblogue and Patterico in covering and discussing things that everyone else seems to be missing.

That means, in part, that I don't do the traffic-grabbing click-bait headlines that are becoming the trend, and I won't be overloading my site with ads to squeeze a few pennies out of frustrating my readers.

If you find my writing and reporting worthwhile, you can donate a few dollars to support me and my work.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for donating!

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