Friday, October 24, 2014

Progressives Hate Their Voters

Progressives have a special relationship with the poor - one of hatred. Leading Progressives like the idea of poor people, and they like the votes, but when it comes to policy and equality, the situation is different.

Progressives recieve the vast majority of campaign donations from banks, Wall Street moneymen, and wealthy unions and lawyers. During the financial crisis, Progressives constantly threatened to throw “criminal bankers” in jail. But then Jon Corzine lost two billion dollars while in charge of an investment firm. To be clear, “lost” doesn’t mean he made bad investments, it means “missing, nobody know where it went.” Two billion dollars gone, and what was found was that the firm was taking customer money to cover the firm itself. (That’s illegal too.) But more was still missing.

Why is Corzine not in jail? Well, he’s a Progressive Democrat, he’s rich, he’s a former governor of New Jersey and donated a lot of money to President Obama. All that talk about criminal bankers vanished when they were presented with a real one. The same people that would send someone to jail for stealing one hundred dollars out of cash register let a man who lost two billion dollars off without even a prosecution. It pays to be a rich Progressive.

Schools in the inner cities are the worst across the country. Why? Because Progressive Democrats use the inner cities as a dumping ground for bad staff, and a cash cow for their union supporters and their own schools. Take Maryland, for example. Maryland has some of the best schools in the country - and they come at the expense of having some of the worst. The best schools are in areas where a lot of the people are wealthy and politically connected, and the worst schools serve the poor and unconnected. Progressive Democrats know that they will get the votes of the poor in the cities, so it pays to keep them poor and ignorant.

Progressive Democrats also need to keep their union donors and machines happy. Unions oppose having their people fired, especially their worst people, since the worst workers are dependent on the union for employment. So Progressive Democrats shift bad teachers into the poor, inner-city schools, and pour money into those schools. Not for the benefit of students, but to increase the number of administrative staff, and therefore dues-paying union members, available to education unions. This lets Progressive Democrats spend over ten-thousand dollars per student per year, while leaving inner-city children largely illiterate and uneducated.

To win the support (money) of elitist billionaires like Tom Stoyer, Progressive Democrats seek to raise the cost of energy to force people to use less. The poor, of course, are least able to absorb the increase in energy prices. This means they have to decide, especially in the winter, whether to put food on the table or keep the furnace on. Whether to go hungry or go cold. But these Democrats don’t care - Stoyer’s billions go to their election campaigns, and the small amounts of money the poor scrap together go to their own needs.

Progressive Democrats work to keep people poor as well, by making it impossible for people to escape poverty. The welfare programs they designed are created so that someone if someone tries to make money and escape poverty, the welfare disappears faster than the money is earned, leaving them worse off the harder they work. This keeps those born into poverty “in their place” - from rising out of poverty and becoming successful. After all, Progressive Democrats, many of whom have inherited vast sums of wealth and entitlement, don’t want those people in their neighborhoods.

Democrats claim to be fighting inequality, but in reality they are turning classes, which people can enter and leave, into castes, which people are born into and trapped forever. They protest their own creations to fool their supporters and to benefit their friends. They are creating the very society they claim to oppose, where rich oligarchs and political elites run your life, and they are lying to you to do it.

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