Monday, April 20, 2015

Guidelines To Food Service When Serving A Theme Party

Thank you for your interest in a hosting a theme party here at the University. As you know, we are a segregated diverse and sensitive campus, with a variety of national and ethnic groups present, so we have some helpful guidelines on what kinds of food you may serve at your event.

Ethnic or foreign foods are prohibited if your event has any theme. You may not serve, for example, Mexican food and set a theme of your event acknowledging Mexican culture, Mexican history, or Mexican holidays or celebrations. You also may not serve Mexican food at an event that has another theme, like "Outer Space", "Medieval Fantasy", other fiction, arts, sports or any other themes. You may serve Mexican food at an event that does not have a theme.

This clear rule applies to all Ethnic or Foreign food. That includes food from African-American culture, African, Asian, South-American, Mid-Eastern or Pacific Islander food. All such food may only be served at an event that does not have a theme.

This rule does not apply to French, English, German, Italian, or other European food, except for Spanish. The rule does not apply to Portuguese, unless the dishes are similar to Spanish dishes. The rule also does not apply to Cajun and Creole dishes. All of these are from Whites. These dishes are not foreign to the United States.

This rule also does not apply to events that are intended to present the University as welcoming to ethnics "celebrate diversity". As long as no ethnic or national group is singled out or named, the event may host a wide variety of dishes from a variety of non-US ethnic or national cultures. Foods that are not ethnic or foreign are prohibited because we disapprove of mixing superior and inferior cultures those foods are not "diverse".

The rule also does not apply to events hosted by an ethnic or national group, using their own foods, celebrating their own event, among members of their own group. People from outside the group who attend the event will be held individually responsible.

Finally, event hosts are responsible for the acts of the people who attend the event. If any attendees attend wearing ethnic garb, use ethnic references, or celebrate ethnic events, the event organizers will be brought before the University Commission of Diversity for adjudication.

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in the pursuit of the goal of segregation and racial separateness diversity and respect. If you have any questions, please contact your Assistant Resident Adviser on Diversity and Inclusion.

Thank you

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