Monday, April 27, 2015

UC Berkeley Thugs Blockade Entryway, Claim Victimization

So a group of Communist-affiliated students at one of the most liberal campuses in the country engaged in an act of violence-as-protest for the "Black Lives Matter" movement. These self-absorbed arrogant thugs blockaded an entrance to campus, and when people tried to move through, were attacked by the blockaders.

The thugs bragged about inconveniencing people and claimed that the students being prevented from getting to class were "entitled" because they feel "that they don't need to listen to what we're saying." This is standard goose-stepping Fascist protocol: the people who aren't members of the Party don't have the right to go about their own lives as they choose, they must be forced to listen.

And like all gutless thugs, they cut and ran as soon as they got word that their victims were beginning to band together to fight back on the blockaders' terms: They pulled the blockade when they realized a group of students were going to charge the line together.

The gross self-absorption of these thugs, who believe themselves entitled to use violence to coerce people into listening, led them to believe the ruining people's day would make them more likely to listen to their points.

And as an added bonus, their poster of "victims" includes attempted cop-killer Mike Brown.

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