Friday, May 1, 2015

Police, You, Interrogations, and Potatoes.

So Popehat got ahead of me in doing a comparison between the rights of a regular criminal suspect and the rights of a police officer suspect. But what they didn't do is put the comparison into a clever infographic for easy distribution on Facebook and elsewhere.

So I made an infographic myself.

Note that I did not say I made a *clever* one:


In a completely unrelated personal note, I have been attempting to grow a vegetable garden. It is mostly dirt and grass I missed when I was tilling. (I am not very good at this.)

That was shortly after I finished planting.

Today I was looking at my garden, trying to see if I could see anything that I was trying to grow, and found a rock near where a planted to the potatoes. Well, I've been picking rocks out for a bit, so I removed this one too.

Except it was a little potatoey for a rock.

It's roughly 3-4 inches across and was planted a little over a month ago. I do not think it is one of the original seed potatoes I planted, but a new one. (You can see the hole where I accidentally snapped it from the stem.) So they've really been growing, and I'm pretty happy about that.

I plan to let this one sit in the sun and see if it sprouts. If it does, I'll cut it up and replant it. If not I may have to toss it, it's still pretty green.

Either way, it's heartening to know my efforts were not completely useless.

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