Monday, August 10, 2015

Free Stuff Inside for Baltimore-area politicos

I'm here to help!

If you are a Baltimore-area candidate, political group, event host, speaker forum, or whatever, you've probably thought about sending out video messages or having events recorded.

Every website has dry text, on biography, on policy, on events, and a great way to stand out is to put up a video explaining or talking about the thing you wish to communicate. Video allows you to sell you, which as a candidate you do every day. Video allows you to sell your group, which makes people more comfortable about attending than simple text. Video allows you to post your events and speeches to reach hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions (but only if you're Gangnam Style) of people.

Hosting video is beyond cheap today. Youtube allows for simple, direct uploading and absolutely free hosting that embeds directly onto your website. (See above videos) I can help you figure it out there too.

The campaign season is just getting started, and video works for you as soon as you put it up until the election. The longer you wait, the more time you lose exposing people to you and your ideas.

But then you looked up the pricing for having something filmed, and were discouraged. Thousands of dollars for only a few hours of decent video put it right out of even remote consideration. Your group, your campaign, can't afford to put out that kind of money for a short time shooting. That's money better spent on more traditional media or outreach, if you even have it to spend at all.

Well, there is now an alternative.

I am offering free (donations encouraged), onsite, high-quality video recording to any Republican-affiliated, Conservative or libertarian organization within Maryland's urban core (only because the other areas are too far to travel for free.)

Now, you're probably thinking "I'm not bringing in some clueless dweeb recording on their knockoff smartphone. I can do that myself."

That's a good thought! Bad video drives me up the wall and over the nearest cliff. I am not that person.

I shot this:


And this:

So I'm no cellphone-filming slub. I have a serious set-up and produce high-quality material. I'm also good at the actual filming and understand the details of filming better than most, so don't worry about not having a clue. I'm also, you may have noticed, something of a writer, so I can assist in drafting and creating material to put on video.

So, if you are interested in ACTUALLY FREE NO BS professional video, let me know. My Facebook page and Twitter are just below. Get in touch!

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(Business video is also available, but that is not free. ;) )

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