Thursday, May 26, 2016

Alan Walden, Republican candidate for Baltimore Mayor, is a jerk

Alan Walden is running for mayor of Baltimore. If manners count, he doesn't deserve dog-catcher.
Alan Walden is running as the Republican candidate for mayor of Baltimore. He spoke at the Baltimore Young Republicans, and I was in attendance. (Despite no longer being a Republican, I know, I know)

Alan Walden was scheduled to speak at 7:15. He was told that, while the official meeting time is 6:30, the first half-hour is social. (Because people always arrive late to these because reasons) Walden was there at 6pm, before anyone else. At first I thought he was just being super-prepared, but the reason became clear later.

At exactly 6:58 he spoke to the Chair and demanded that the meeting start immediately. Melanie, the Chair, quickly got the meeting started and Walden began his speech.

As is typical, the servers at Hightopps came in and took orders and delivered meals during the meeting. The BAYRs are a small group relative to other events they host, so they let the group have a side-room at no charge, with the expectation of the members and visitors buying food. They run a very nice restaurant and you should totally eat there. They have an amazing outdoor area and several nooks for small to mid-size groups.

Each time the servers came in, Walden would dramatically stop and embarrass the servers. Eventually, one server came in and Walden did his dramatic pause and his wife lost her marbles. She viciously hissed the word "Leave" and cruelly waved her hand at the entrance.

It may or may not matter, but this server only came in once and was the only non-white server there. After that, no other servers came in until they left.

Walden's speech itself was a condescending, yet unfocused, lecture, he took no questions, talked only to the people he knew, and then left shortly after finishing. The man was classless, and his wife was even worse.

So, Walden successfully turned an entire room of Republicans in Baltimore against him in one meeting. He will not win Baltimore City, and he deserves exactly that outcome.

So, first, Walden is personally unqualified to hold elective office. He didn't even respect the people whose votes and effort he needs. He and his wife actively disrespected and demeaned the waitstaff.

Second, I'd like to apologize to Hightopps for the treatment of their staff by the speaker. I am no longer Vice-Chair, but I still feel some degree of responsibility for the club. You should eat there. Their food is very good, it's a fantastic location, and the prices are very low. I recommend the Teriyaki Chicken. It's quite good. I endorse Hightopps as a good place to meet and eat foodstuffs. I endorse Alan Walden and his wife as Worst Speaker Ever.

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