Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is Barry Rascovar an idiot?

He might be one, judging from his serious ignorance and lack of understanding of the mass influx of illegal immigrants swarming the southern US border in the belief that that they can get permits (permiso) to stay.

Or does he write solely to indulge his own hatred and bigotry?

It certainly seems like he doesn't take any concerns about this influx seriously.


While he blasts the GOP for including members of the Know-Nothing party and claims the anti-Catholic bigotry morphed into anti-Chinese venom, he ignore both that the Democratic Party fought a war to protect it's racism and was a big fan of lynching and that bigotry against the Chinese had little political connection.

Combat Zones?

Rascovar blasts Frederick County Sheriff Jenkins for confusing children for thug and narco-terrrosts.

Sheriff Jenkins may have noticed, on his trip to the border, that the Border Patrol has come under fire from Mexican helicopters and jeeps (likely rented by the cartels), or the members of MS-13 and the 18th Street Gang coming across, or that those gangs are recruiting in the detention centers. (But Gov. O'Malley has no responsibility for this infiltration)

It appears Rascovar has confused gun-toting 17 year-old narco-traffickers and thugs for innocent children.

Apparently, in Rascovar's world, all Latino children are the same.

He then attacks Baltimore County officials and Congressman Harris for objecting to the importation of illegal immigrant (including gang members) minors to Maryland, mocking them for thinking they carry the Bubonic Plague.

Rascovar is apparently ignorant of the lice, scabies, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases these minors are bringing with them in order to justify his own bigotry.

Hypocritically, Rascovar than praises Governor O'Malley for doing exactly what he attacks the Republicans of pushing for, but it's OK because he's a Democrat and blames Republicans for his decision.

When it comes to solutions, Rascovar suggests making the problem worse by upping the incentives for crossing the border, and spending money on the home countries of these minors. This suggests he is ignorant of the fact that the source of the violence and poverty is the countries' rampant corruption.

Apparently, Rascovar is fine with greater and greater numbers of immigrant children being diverted into sex slavery, gangs and raped, murdered and left to die as long as he gets a new set of Democratic voters in the long run. To him, it seems, Latino children are not people, but simply a stick to bash the GOP with.

We need real solutions to this problem, and not childish name-calling and ignorance promoted for political advantage.

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