Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dear Derek Hunter,

I write today in response to your column, and in the hope of illuminating the core weakness of the Republican Party - the constant call to abandon all principle and vote for anyone who is a member of the Republican Party, regardless of their adherence to it's principles.

It's more than just losing a primary or having bad legislation passed. It's about having candidates and officials who reject the core tenets of the Republican Party and often actively undercut our goals and objectives.

These calls for unity aren't putting the good over the perfect, but the trivial above the critical.

The liberty movement, including those not affiliate with the Ron Paul movement, used to indeed be good soldiers and put aside the grievances to defeat Progressives.

Then they looked at the outcomes and realized that they were helping to elect Progressives. And where they didn't directly work to elect them, they elected people who stepped aside and let the Progressives have their way.

It's not a matter of scars- It's Arlen Specter destroying our ability to get judges the respect the law appointed, it's Eric Cantor constantly trying to give the Democrats millions of vote through amnesty, it's every Gang of X that just happens to give Democrats exactly the number votes of they need to pass bad legislation.

The only way we can stop the sellouts, teamkillers and Progressive Republicans is to hold our own party accountable. We have to create incentives for the wrong people to do the right thing. Not the incentives for the right people to do the wrong thing.

Does a Majority Leader McConnell matter if we have enough crossovers so that the President can pursue his agenda unimpeded? Or enough to sabotage any attempt to stop him?

Voting for the lesser of two evils rewards evil. Every time we “hold our nose” and vote for a lesser evil, we help set the stage for a greater evil.

Without officials who have the spine to fight against Executive lawlessness, it doesn't matter who holds the Senate. And if we win with the likes of Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chaffee, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, we'll be constantly undercut for the next thirty years when it comes to pursuing good legislation.

It is time to decide. Are you fighting for a managed decline, the slightly slower growth of central planning, or are you actually fighting for freedom?

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