Wednesday, July 29, 2015

YRNation - The Challenger's Platform

Since YRUnite has some serious problems and appears to find the whole "politics" thing distasteful, we really need to take a look at the competing campaign: YRNation

So unlike YRUnite's complicated and convoluted platform and webdesign, YRNation's is simple and straight-forward. It consists of 3 planks:

Quite simply, the reason the YRNF exists is to support our state federations and their local clubs.
This plank of the platform is about supporting state chapters with materials and education to develop local strategies to local problems, as well as promote both the YR brand generally and state chapters specifically. There's no talk of central planning via carrots and sticks to coerce success, just talk of support.

Internal Communications: Members should have access to what is going on with the YRNF at all times.
External Communications: Our party doesn’t have a principles problem; we have a messaging problem.

This plank is really two: the first is about communicating YRNF plans and designs to state chapters (and vice versa). Basic technical stuff about getting meeting minutes out quickly and announcing meeting times with sufficient notice. As we know, YRUnite has some... problems with the paperwork.

The second half is outreach - taking advantage of the movement of YR-eligible people away from the Democratic party and towards the GOP and liberty movement, through co-ordinating with other GOP organizations and social media outreach.

This outreach is expressly political - unlike the "outreach" YRUnite offers, scrubbing politics out and becoming focused on personal business and more "cosmopolitan".

Let’s be honest, we’re busy people.
So you want to run for office?

You don’t have to serve in a public office to be a leader.
 This three-part plank is generally about education. Specifically, the first plank is designed to encourage members of the executive board and committee to participate by including political training at YRNF meetings.

The other two planks are targeted education to both potential candidates and internal leadership. The last is important, especially as the YRs have never managed to be a self-perpetuating organization.
It's a basic, straight-forward platform focused on strengthening the organization both nationally and at the state level. It's a clear contrast to the bloated, over-wrought platform of YRUnite, and has a focus on building the political organization, instead of Unite's abandonment of it.

I endorse the campaign of YRNation, both on it's own merits and because it seeks to displace YRUnite, who are sick of politics but want to remain in charge. YRNation is focused on making the Young Republicans a force in politics.

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