Monday, July 27, 2015

YRUnite: #ExperienceMatters. Leadership. Failure To File Tax Documents.

So YRUnite's hashtag campaign is #ExperienceMatters. Indeed it does, but in what it reveals.

While the YRUnite ticket is running on re-purposing major parts of the Young Republicans to a non-political business networking service and making state YRs dependent and controlled by the national organization, they have some serious problems.

First, a YRUnite candidate for SouthEast Regional Chair canceled the elections in his home state YRs. The Florida YRs first, without actually amending the bylaws or Constitution that require them, canceled floor nominations. Claiming jurisdiction over this decision under their authority for running the convention itself, the Florida YR leadership imposed a seven day announcement requirement to qualify to run. This announcement was made seven days prior to the Convention.

That is, they announced, for the first time, a deadline of "Right now."

Why? Because of changes in the representation of the Florida regional chapters, the existing committee leadership knew that they were going to lose. So they announced a new filing deadline for leadership and canceled nominations from the floor. The new deadline was one week before the election, and it was announced approximately... one week before the election. Election treachery is not unprecedented among YRUnite fans.

Obviously, the official deadline of "Five minutes ago" killed any chance that the Florida YR leadership would lose, having simply removed the challengers from the ballot.

And finally, YRUnite is running on the experience platform. They know how to do things. They know how to manage the organization. They know how to lead. They know how to... file the required forms with the IRS?

That last one not so much.

While they were able to file multiple name changes (mostly multiple tries to get it right) and they plan on expanding the services on offer (namely changing to organization to a business-oriented networking group), they, um, forgot to do the import step of filing required tax documents.

Herein lies the problem with YRUnite. Despite wanting to restructure to be able to penalize or reward state chapters, resulting in national-level management of local groups, they actually can't even keep their own house in order.

They are running on their incumbent experience and leadership, yet can't even manage to file the appropriate the paperwork with the IRS. That's not the kind of "Oops" where people laugh and that's the end of it. It's the kind of "Oops" moment where the doctor leaves his watch inside the patient. 

Nope, nothin'

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