Monday, August 17, 2015

What do you call a Donald Trump fan?


Donald Trump is a loud, obnoxious blowhard running for president as a Republican. There's a lot of support for him right now, by people who are reacting emotionally and not actually thinking about why they support him. Here's the truth:

Trump has flipped positions on many issues.

Trump is now anti-tax, but he was once in favor of massive property confiscation in the form of a "wealth tax." This was an almost 15% seizure of the assets of anyone with more than ten million dollars in total wealth.

He's notably flipped on abortion.

And he's back-and-forth on Hillary Clinton. She was a wonderful person and a great Secretary of State before he started his run, now she's the absolute worst Secretary of State ever.

President Obama. Before he stated running, Obama was great. Now he's terrible.

And he was for defunding Planned Parenthood before he was against it.

And some of his positions are rotten:

He's pro-property seizure. Like a third-world dictator, Trump got richer than he started by using local governments to condemn and seize properties he wanted to buy. He didn't get rich by offering a better product or superior service to the public, he got rich by starting rich and trading influence. He bought himself casino licenses and the right to take other people's homes to build his casinos on. He traded on power and influence with the best of anyone the greatest lobbying firms could come up with.

He's pro-single payer. He's the only candidate who said on stage at the GOP debate that universal healthcare was great, just not right now. Maybe after his election it'll be great.

And he's lied to you. He claims that no one was talking about illegal immigration before he did. Except we've been talking about illegal immigration for over thirty years. He's been running only for months.

What's more, he's Hillary Clinton's Trump card.

In 1992, Bill Clinton was running for the Presidency against George H. W. Bush, who at the time was coming down from extremely high popularity. Bush was still seen as invincible, so none of the biggest stars in the Democratic Party was willing to tilt at him.

Bill Clinton's candidacy was immensely bolstered by the candidacy of Ross Perot, running an independent campaign. Perot came in third, winning nearly twenty percent of the vote, taking votes mostly from President Bush. Clinton only won forty-three percent of the vote. But since Perot had taken almost half that, mostly from Bush, Clinton won the campaign.

Today, the Republican Party seems almost a lock for the Presidency, like in 1992. What the Clintons need to regain the White House is another popular, self-financed third-party run to draw votes away from their Republican opponent. So when Trump called the Clintons for advice, he was encouraged to run.

Trump's campaign is the perfect vehicle for Hillary presidency. If he does, somehow, win the nomination, then his off-putting manner and personal excesses will provide a perfect target for Clintonian class warfare.

Of course, if he loses the nomination and runs third-party, then we have a repeat of Bill Clinton's run - a split vote on the right and a Clinton victory with less than half the total vote.

There's some evidence that Trump is aware of this. He's passing on attacking Clinton in order to hit leading Republicans. Maybe it's his personal friendship with the Clintons that retrains him, maybe he knows why they want him in the race. Maybe they just stroked his ego and knew he'd go marching off to accidental Clinton victory.

It doesn't matter what he knows. What matters is this: If you are a Trump supporter, you are being played. By Trump, and by the Clintons, of all people. So go ahead and call leading anti-establishment figures like Eric Erickson RINOs because they think Trump is a boor. I'll stand behind a real Republican who's been a real Conservative. Or at least I won't support the Clintons.
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