Thursday, September 3, 2015


You won't believe what he says his reason is.
Satire: Actual article here

A devout Muslim court clerk in a small town in Tennessee is now refusing to issue marriage licenses to any couple who are not both Muslim. The clerk, Ahmed Mahmoud, explained his views:

It is against my religious faith to allow any infidels to marry outside the will of Allah, in fact it is an insult to God. I am entitled to my views under the First Amendment to the Constitution and am simply seeking to have my views respected.

As the law requires marriage applicants to seek a license from "their local or nearest Clerk of the Court" (Ten. Law. 67-1a[Q]), this leaves nearly all new couples unable to get a marriage license to complete a marriage ceremony. Several women left the courthouse in tears yesterday. One women lamented, "I can't believe it. How can he deny me a marriage license? Don't I have rights?" Another women said:

I don't care who you are. In this country, our government respects all people and all faiths equally. We are not trying to restrict his First Amendment views, but if he can't do the job, he should not have taken it, and he should resign. Then he can follow his conscience all he wants, without imposing his religious law in anyone who doesn't want it.

A group of people who were denied licenses have filed a civil suit and expect to be in court for preliminary hearings next month. Experts predict that such a case make take several months to be decided, leaving many couples waiting a full year for an ideal wedding date.

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Btw, this story is satire and more people fell for it in the first 12 hours than read almost any of my other pieces to date.